Yoko Ono Mend Piece

Next month, Vancouver’s Rennie Museum will present Yoko Ono’s MEND PIECE (Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York City version). The museum’s Wing Sang building will morph into an intimate venue for the entire month, joining visitors “in an act of collective healing and meditation”.

In MEND PIECE, the viewer is immersed into a dream-like state: they’re welcomed into an all-white space to sit down at the table and reassemble fragments of ceramic coffee cups and saucers using the provided twine, tape and glue. Fittingly, an on-site espresso bar will compliment the exhibit.

This interactive experience draws on the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi, which translates to embracing the flawed or imperfect. Mended pieces will then be displayed on shelves installed around the room.

Yoko Ono

The contemplative act of mending is intended to promote reparation starting within one’s self and community, and bridge the gap created by violence, hatred, and war.

Over the decades, Yoko Ono’s created performance art, paintings, sculpture, films and sound works. She pioneered feminism and Fluxus art and her work has graced renowned institutions around the globe, from New York to Buenos Aires and back.

Visit the Rennie Collection at Wing Sang online for more info. Photos by Pierre Le Hors.

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