PocketLIVE interface

PocketSocial Technologies Inc., in collaboration with global mobile game developer I Got Games, has developed and launched PocketLIVE – a new multi-platform home for social live streaming.

Accessible via the web as well as through desktop and mobile apps, PocketLIVE provides a unique and immersive combination of live streaming and social networking that allows creators and fans to connect on a real level, in real-time.

PocketLIVE interface

Founder and CEO of PocketSocial Technologies Inc.’s Steven Dai believes that mobile live video streaming is the hottest social media technology right now.

“In 2016, we saw the social space take notice of this new medium, but we are just at the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can do with this new form of authentic interaction. Live streaming is all about authenticity and real connection: imagine sharing your travel experiences with friends and family at home, showing a glimpse behind the scenes of your creative process, or simply hanging out and chatting with people from all over the world.”

PocketLIVE interface

Since its January 2017 soft launch, the platform’s been downloaded and visited over one million times on iOS, Android and the web, with over 100,000 hours of live streaming content shared to date.

Looking to develop and grow your social brand? PocketLIVE’s leading-edge technology empowers users to monetize their craft. The platform sets itself apart through a commitment to quality content and talent development, drawing on the expertise of in-house talent development professionals who identify and nurture emerging leaders in the live streaming space.

There is an inherent time delay when using platforms such as YouTube and Snapchat which in turn creates a distance between creators and viewers.

PocketLIVE interface

In contrast, PocketLIVE combines the immediacy and rawness of live streaming with fun and interactive social components, providing a compelling new media space that allows creators and consumers alike to connect, socialize and earn.

“What makes PocketLIVE unique is the diversity and quality of content, the strength and support of the community, and a very lucrative monetization model for content creators. On top of that, we believe the future of live streaming lies in digging deeper into verticals and niche topics. Because of this, PocketLIVE focuses on the music, cosplay, and beauty communities.” — Steve Dai, PocketSocial Technologies Inc.

PocketLIVE’s ambition is to make live streaming really easy, really fun, and really rewarding. Visit PocketLIVE online for more information.

This article produced in partnership with PocketLIVE. Images courtesy of PocketLIVE.

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