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For the past 25 years, Genuine Health’s been in the business of educating and providing products that make you feel good and nurture your system. The company started with one simple product – greens+ – and over the years has greatly expanded their lineup as new research leads to yet more discoveries surrounding our gut health.

As Genuine Health was the first company to use research-proven ingredients and balanced quantities in their products, they’re now widely recognized as innovators in the industry.

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They’re also the first B Corp-certified company, one that puts its people, the planet and prosperity at the core of its operation. Genuine Health uses only pure, natural, safe and effective ingredients every step of the way.

The current focus is on microbiomes, commonly referred to as our “gut” or “inner garden”, which proved the perfect collab with East Vancouver’s The Flower Factory.

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We took seats around their long table surrounded by gorgeous flowers to learn about the latest research on microbiomes and how it effects our bodies.

The trend is to now allow microbes to flourish; if we kill them off, the effect is more drastic than keeping them in our system. There’s a strong connection between microbiomes and disease that gets Genuine Health, nutrition geeks at heart, excited these days.

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Through cutting-edge research, there’s been a big breakthrough in this area of science, and as more of us learn about the effects of bacteria and microbiomes, the better equipped we become to supply and support our systems with healthy foodstuffs, nutritional supplements and probiotics.

It all boils down to priming, seeding and feeding the gut.

Genuine Health first got into fermentation as it saw more people looking for products lacking certain ingredients rather than what was in them.

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Creating a terrarium on this cold morning was the perfect theme for learning about our gut. Our gut is like a garden: it requires a lot of diversity.

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Planting a variety of succulents above the soil in this fragile ecosystem – a glass terrarium – was oh-so-fitting as we learned about Genuine Health’s current product lineup, including organic, probiotic capsules and fermented organic gut superfoods+.

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Fruits and veggies in the powdered organic gut superfoods+ products contain added fermented fiber, balanced with polyphenols, proven to feed gut microbe populations.

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Their new advanced gut health probiotic capsules provide the highest strain count found today, with a unique, targeted delivery system that ensures that the probiotics get where they need to go.

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We got our hands dirty with soil (the lining of the gut) and each one of us around that table created a unique ecosystem to bring home and look after. Gut superfoods help the garden aka your gut to flourish!

Genuine Health x The Flower Factory

A big thank you to both Genuine Health and The Flower Factory for this fun, DIY morning complete with some healthy breakfast goodies and hot drinks.

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