GoPro HERO10-8

Since we’ve recently taken the new HERO10 Black on travels, we thought it would be a great time to offer up our favourite GoPro tripods. These three pretty much get the job done for us. And the best part of these tripods is that they’re compatible with every GoPro.

GoPro Handler and Shorty

GoPro continually improves upon their tripods as well: The 3-Way was revamped last spring.

GoPro Shorty


The very portable Shorty tripod has a mini extension pole that extends out to 22.7 cm (8.9 in), perfect for any level surface, plus selfies and action shots.

GoPro Shorty tripod

We always take this one on the road, as it’s just so small and perfectly suited to capturing time-lapse and remote-controlled photos. CAD$54.99/USD $39.99

GoPro 3Way

3-Way 2.0

The all-new 3-Way 2.0 is three essential mounts in one. The ergonomic camera grip transforms into a tripod while the extension arm is ideal for selfies and vlogging.

GoPro HERO10-4

A built-in ball joint even lets you tilt your camera or swivel 360°. Even better, the ball joint allows you to change the camera’s angle without the need to reposition the mount.

GoPro HERO10-5

In addition, the 3-Way 2.0 is waterproof so you can take it into the water and get some amazing surf and paddling shots! It measures 49.5 cm (19.5 in) when fully extended and collapses to 20.3 cm (8 in). CAD $89.99/USD $69.99

GoPro Handler-2

The Handler

If you’re into snorkeling, diving, surfing or boating, The Handler is the perfect take-along for water shots. It has a bright orange end and a wrist strap that will ensure visibility and security while in the water. We’ve used this one for years and it never seems to wear out.

GoPro The Handler

This floating hand grip gives you stability and control to get your shot, and the quick release base lets you easily switch between mounts. The textured grip works well underwater too.

CAD $44.99/USD $29.99

Check out GoPro online for the entire line-up as well as the HERO10 Black and earlier models.

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