Grand Canyon

For the past year, turning 50 has been looming in the back of my mind, a big part of it wondering where I’d actually be to ring in that landmark half century of living.

My husband and I bounced around ideas of a big party, perhaps a visit back to Europe, and then the thought popped up, “Hey, I want to be visually mind-blown for my birthday”. Where hadn’t we yet been where we could be wowed?

Though I’d been to Arizona a couple of times in the past (Tucson for a U2 concert filming in 1989, Lake Havasu for a waterskiing holiday with the London Bridge as a backdrop), somehow visiting the Grand Canyon hadn’t made it into the plans. So here we are, on our way to explore the desert beauty of Arizona, with stops in Phoenix, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, portions of Route 66’s faded glory, and then to Tucson, where we’ll actually be to ring in the big day.

While this isn’t a destination where one hopes for sunshine (we’ve already seen the hot May temperatures that will greet us thanks to our iPhone weather app), it will be one to relax and take several breathtaking moments of celebrating five decades of life on this planet.

50 tiara

So here’s to 50, anyone else turning 50 (or any other major milestone), and we’ll catch you back here in a couple of weeks. And a heartfelt thanks to all my readers for supporting me both via this website and in the online community. Cheers!

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