A visit to Vancouver, 2005

Hard to believe my husband and I moved here from Europe just over 10 years ago — June 16, 2005 to be precise (that photo of us was taken in 2005). In that time, we’ve done our fair share of touring, have been wowed by BC’s coast and have faced what’s hopefully my one and only health blip.

kayak2 Ucluelet - Tofino
[Granville Island, 2006; Ucluelet, 2007]

To those true Vancouverites who have seen the city move upwards over the decades, it’s hard for us to envision your perspective, however we have seen the rise in traffic jams, cost of housing and influx of residents over the years.

Amersfoort train station
[Amersfoort train station]

Backing up for readers a bit, we moved from The Netherlands after having lived together for eight years in a small town about a half hour east of Amsterdam: Amersfoort. I’d met my husband while travelling through the magical kingdom of Petra, Jordan, and made a move from San Francisco overseas to live with him in August 1997.

Fast-forward 10 years and we’ve taken the long Easter weekend to reflect on how far we’ve come.

Sunwolf Eagle Raft Tour-14

While the honeymoon period for us has officially ended, we still find Vancouver a very comfortable, easy-going city and appreciate its proximity to nature. I’ve morphed a successful design business into another creative venture – Vancouverscape – and continue to find my passion in blogging aspects of the city, from events to dining, travelling in and out of Canada on various adventures to share with you all.

What’s the next move? Back to Europe. My husband’s found a full-time job that he can’t pass up. As for me, Tulipscape.nl? Stay tuned!*

Amsterdam 2015-13

(*Happy April Fool’s Day!)

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