Stanley Park Ice Breaker Winter Ale

Just in time for the cold months, Stanley Park Brewery’s launched a dark porter style winter ale: Ice Breaker. This one’s a bit different than typical winter brews, containing aromas of cherry, chocolate, and nuts — a nod to Black Forest Cake.

The 5.5% alcohol/volume Ice Breaker uses speciality German malts imparting a rich, deep brown colour. Brewmaster Todd Fowler created an homage to the old world of beer making with this one.

We can see pairing the Ice Breaker with aged cheese, chocolate torte, and pulled pork sandwiches. Enjoy it one nice and slow, and allow the chocolate to linger on your palate!

Stanley Park Brewery banner

Stanley Park Brewing was established in 1897 right in Stanley Park. The brewery has its own wind turbine to generate power, its five-vessel brew house opting for sustainable practices throughout.

Visit the Stanley Park Brewery website for more information on some of their other seasonals, including the Stanley Park Wit and limited-release Windstorm West Coast Pale Ale, its proceeds benefiting the Stanley Park Ecology Society.

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