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Granville Island Brewing’s recently launched Under the Bridge Series celebrates the bitter start and bright finish of Granville Island. From a dark and dangerous industrial center to one of Vancouver’s major creative hubs, this series explores the history of where GIB began over 30 years ago.

GIB Under the Bridge Series: Swing Span Amber Ale, Maple Shack Cream Ale

Swing Span Amber Ale
Swing Span’s a medium-bodied amber ale rich with aromas of premium Mosaic and Cascade hops and drinks like an lighter-bodied IPA. It’s got a nice amber colour and a dry yet smooth finish. We’ve paired it in the past with grilled hot dogs and zucchini, and most recently with roast chicken and potatoes. Bold enough to stand on its own, the 5.6% volume adds an extra kick! Swing Span’s also got a drier finish than GIB’s Infamous IPA.

Maple Shack Cream Ale
Maple Shack Cream Ale has a hint of maple syrup with a mild hop bitterness. The ale’s a tribute to both Quebec’s legendary sugar shacks and the tin roofs that littered Granville Island back in the day. Containing a sweet, strong maple aftertaste, we envision pairing Maple Shack’s caramel malts with soft young cheese and a bowl of mixed nuts.

GIB HeyDay-Infamous IPA

Hey Day Hefeweizen
Grilled salmon or schnitzel would compliment Hey Day’s citrusy accent. There’s citrus and banana flavour in there as well, but we picked out the citrus first and foremost in this wheat ale.

Infamous IPA
We find the Infamous IPA a hearty sipper, containing a hoppy nose, citrus fruity aroma, and dry finish. We like this classic IPA (55 IBU) for its malt flavour. This beer would pair great with a roast or beef tacos and crispy tortilla chips. Or a big ol’ plate of poutine.

Under The Bridge series beers are sold separately and are available at various restaurants and in six-packs at BC Liquor stores around the Lower Mainland.

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