Yesterday I attended NetSquared Camp Vancouver, billed as an “unconference” bridging together non-profits, social media entrepreneurs, and local activists with those in technology and communications. Many of Vancouver’s prominent bloggers in the social media world attended and the effects of collaboration and sharing were immediately apparent. This was truly a productive and worthwhile day spent indoors.

To give you perspective on how quickly a session could be created, I simply raised my hand to ask a question about email marketing and list manager MailChimp, and boom!, a session entitled “Old Skool” was formed with myself and fellow blogger Bonnie Sainsbury. Bonnie is well-versed in email marketing and together we monitored a well-attended 45 minute panel that even included event organizer Elijah van der Giessen.

For those who couldn’t attend, here’s the audio file of the session. The recording volume is on the low end; turn it up!

I posted the distilled text on the Net2Camp Wiki.

Kudos to both Elijah and Darren Barefoot for bringing this unique event to Vancouver! Looking forward to the 2011 NetSquared Camp.

The next Net Tuesday (a mini version of NetSquared) is planned for September 14th at W2 Storyeum.

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