Josie Pepper

Looking for directions to your gate or a particular shop or restaurant? Humanoid robot Josie Pepper is now on hand to guide you inside Munich Airport’s Terminal 2.

At 120 centimetres tall, with sparkling, round eyes and a pleasant voice, the English-speaking Josie awaits passenger at the top of the ramp leading to the shuttle connecting the main terminal to the satellite building.

Josie Pepper

Josie Pepper’s “brain” contains a high-performance processor with a WLAN internet access, creating a connection to a cloud service where speech is processed, interpreted and linked to airport data. And like a real brain, the system gets steadily better at combining questions with the relevant information to provide more precise replies.    

Terminal 2 is jointly operated by Munich Airport and Lufthansa. Pepper was developed by French company SoftBank Robotics. She was named “Josie” by both Munich Airport and Lufthansa staff upon arrival at the airport.

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