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We’ve just come across a cool way to carry your camera or GoPro — SpiderLight’s Backpacker. The kit includes an ergonomically-designed, snap-in backpack connection that attaches to a backpack or messenger bag strap as well as the SpiderLight Holster for attaching to a belt.

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Both are results of successful Kickstarter campaigns by New York State-based company CEO/wedding photographer Shai Eynav.

SpiderLight Backpacker Set-5
[In the box: SpiderLight Holster, SpiderLight Camera Plate, SpiderLight Backpack Plate, pad, manual]

“I founded Spider based on my need as a professional photographer for a more ergonomic experience when out shooting long assignments. And I will continue to develop products that intelligently solve problems for all photographers, improving our workflows and shooting experience.”

This is an ideal solution when you want to leave the camera bag at home and travel with a backpack instead. The camera’s in view at all times and securely held in place until you need to lift it out with a flick of the connector.

The plate attaches to your camera much like a standard tripod, and screws in solidly.

SpiderLight Backpacker Set-6

The plate itself has another tripod so you can easily detach it from the holster using the spring-loaded lock and mount it onto your tripod.

SpiderLight Backpacker Set-1
[1. Attach the backpack plate]

SpiderLight Backpacker Set-2
[2. Fasten the velcro strap to the velcro pad]

SpiderLight Backpacker Set-4
[3. Clip the holster and lock it in place]

A quick snap-in connection securely fastens the SpiderLight Backpacker to your bag’s strap. Click in your SpiderLight Holster, and it’s now secure for attaching your camera.

SpiderLight Backpacker Set-3

The GoPro adapter makes it easy to secure a GoPro in to get video shots and stills as you move around on foot, by bike, moped, on a boat or any other activity where you’re comfortable wearing a backpack or messenger bag.

Just remove the holster from the backpack attachment, add the GoPro attachment and the flat mount and standard screw that comes with the GoPro and you’re good to go.

SpiderLight Backpacker Set-10

For extra security, a built-in velcro elastic strap can be used to wrap around your DSLR lens. The holster’s Arca-Swiss geometry and design means you can take your camera right from the holster to an Arca-Swiss tripod head.

While my Nikon D90 fits nicely into the holster, I did notice that when screwed into the bottom of my Lumix LX100, the plate leaves no room to clear the focus ring, and rubs along the ring when I use it.

Personal Thoughts

For someone who lives and breathes with a camera hand strap on her DSLR, I’d find it hard to swap it out for the holster.

SpiderLight Backpacker Set-9 SpiderLight Backpacker Set-7

As well, the Lumix has a neck strap that I find useful for keeping it close by hands-free or slinging over my shoulder, so if the camera were to clear the focus ring, I’d want to keep the shoulder strap attached to the camera which could create a potential tangling problem when on the go.

SpiderLight Backpacker Set-11

Where this kit shines for me however is for a GoPro. It’s perfect for wearing right up near my chest so when I find just the right moment to grab a video shot or still image, I’m ready.

SpiderLight Backpacker Set-1

You can even remove the holster (we found an allen key that fit the two holes, an item that should have been included in the kit) and keep things simple with just the GoPro attachment!


SpiderLight’s created a solid product for photographers — from hobbyists to pros, and for the price offers quality construction.

The SpiderLight Backpacker retails for US $125. Shipping can be done either via Priority Mail International (6 to 10 business days) or Priority Mail Express International (3 to 5 business days).

Professional travel blogger

The company sells other cool products including SpiderPro (for heavy gear) and BlackWidow (for point-and-shoots) as well as the super handy SpiderMonkey Rain Cover that clips to the holster and is designed with a built-in, adjustable elastic band to help cover your camera’s body and lens (up to 70-200mm).

SpiderLight sent me the Backpacker to test-drive for this feature. Opinions, as always, are my own.

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