Moshi VersaCover for iPad Air 2

Looking for a slim iPad case that offers protection without the added bulk? Moshi’s VersaCover may very well be the answer to your hunt. I recently received the Moshi origami-inspired case in black to test drive and so far, I’m pleased with its ease of use, design and protective qualities.

Moshi VersaCover-2
[My husband demonstrating Moshi “origami”]

How it Works

The iPad snaps into the back cover with a decent amount of protective beveled edging. This two-piece case has a cover with five scored grooves across it and two tiny rounded magnets on the inside.

When you pinch the magnets together, they create a triangular form that allows for three viewing angles: portrait, typing and landscape. The simplicity of its design is what caught my eye.

Moshi VersaCover for iPad Air 2

And like all good smart cases, Moshi includes a sleep/wake function when closing and opening the VersaCover. The clear, frosted back of the case allows the pretty apple logo (and iPad itself) to show through. A few raised spots along the back help absorb shock should the case get dropped.

Moshi VersaCover-1

An added sweet function of the case is the magnetic Moshi logo: flip the case open and it the entire front portion will stick to the magnet so you can use the iPad without the case flopping about (something I’ve sadly come across recently with a couple other cases).

Moshi VersaCover for iPad Air 2

The VersaCover is made with microfibre and can be spot-cleaned with suede cleaner on a damp cloth. This is my new favourite cover: it’s sleek, easy to use and durable.

Moshi offers a limited lifetime warranty on the VersaCover. Available in black, navy and tan, it retails for US $59.95. Find it in Canada at Chapters Indigo (CDN $65).

Moshi VersaCover for iPad Air 2

Thinking of gifting a case this holiday season? There’s a VersaCover for iPad Mini and iPad Pro too. Unwatermarked images courtesy of Moshi.

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