Mi Suny iPower4 solar charger

As Vancouver is finally starting to see more sunshine, I decided it was a great time to check out a Mi Suny iPower4 solar charger for my iPhone.

Mi Suny is a UK-based solar charger company that’s been recently introduced in Canada.

Mi Suny iPower4 solar charger

The package contains the solar-powered iPower4 sleeve and a micro USB charger. There’s no AC charger adapter available for the iPower4, as I was told that it could interfere with the solar components, making the cells less effective.

Mi Suny iPower4 solar charger

Once out of the box, I charged the sleeve for the recommended eight hours using the micro USB cable connected to my keyboard. The unit syncs with Apple’s iTunes and has an Apple-approved connector at its base.

Mi Suny iPower4 solar charger

The iPower4’s battery is 2400mAh Lithium Polymer and will fully charge with the 5 volt mini USB cable in about six hours, doubling your iPhone’s battery capacity. I’ve been charging the sleeve at night, as it’s impractical for me to leave the phone behind at home for that long a period during the day.

Mi Suny iPower4 solar charger

Tech Specs

– 315 hours standby time
– 5.3 hours talk time
– 45 hours music playback
– 15 hours video playback
– 6.5 hours of internet surfing

Clicking once on the power button will show how much power is loaded up on the sleeve. The moment the solar panel senses light, the red button will come on to start the charging process.

Once the iPhone 4 is inserted into the sleeve, double-clicking on the same button will start charging the phone. I like the fact that this is not an automatic process. Holding down the button for five seconds while it’s charging will stop the iPower 4 from charging the phone. As well, the sleeve has built-in protection in order to avoid overcharging a phone.

Mi Suny iPower4 solar charger

I tested the charger under a few conditions:

First, I let the iPower4 charge overnight on a full USB charge. When I returned in the morning, the charge was at 94%. I took the phone out of the sleeve, double-clicked the button again, and within a few minutes, the phone was fully charged. I’m not sure why the phone didn’t charge up 100% overnight, as the four solid blue indicators showed that the sleeve was fully charged.

Secondly, I let the solar panels do their work by keeping the sleeve in the sunshine for a charge.

A third charge to the sleeve was done using an ambient (non-direct sunlight) light source.

Out of the three testing environments, the USB charger charged the fastest. The sun and ambient source did charge the battery fully but took a bit longer than with the USB connection.

Mi Suny iPower4 solar charger


– No need for an electric outlet to charge up an iPhone
– Lightweight (87 grams) and easy to slip the iPhone into and out of
– Charger’s sides contain tiny relief dot pattern to help grip the otherwise smooth finish
– All ports are accessible, except for the 30 pin Apple connector
– Charges quickly


– Charge is still quickest/most efficient when done while the USB cable is attached to a computer
– The solar panel’s surface scuffs easily. Within a day, I noticed scuff marks and light scratches on the surface. According to the manual, it’s best to avoid scratching the solar panel as it could reduce the light absorption effectiveness.

The iPower4 sells for $99.95 online and is available in Black Gloss, Black Matte and White Matte.

I’ll be carrying this charger in my day bag as it’s a great backup for times when a USB power source isn’t handy.


  • Comment by Steve — October 11, 2011 @ 7:35 pm

    I suggest using the invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG and cutting a piece to protect the solar panel. Works great on mine.

  • Comment by Marie — December 8, 2011 @ 2:02 pm

    Where can I find it in Canada?

  • Comment by arianec — December 8, 2011 @ 3:04 pm

    @Marie –
    I’ve contacted the company and do recall at the time of review that they had a Canadian distributor. Will have to get back you with an answer when I hear back!

  • Comment by nick budimir — December 31, 2011 @ 8:00 am

    the misuny chargers are still available through misunygb.com . I do know they have severed all links with the cowboys who where distributing the chargers and are actively seeking distribution for canada and the USA.Iam told Sprint are the most likely partner

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