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Imagine a McDonald’s in the future where you walk up to an automated self-serve kiosk and choose from a full menu including a completely customizable burger. From a selection of cheeses to sauces — even bread buns — you’re able to decide exactly how you’d like your Angus beef burger.

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Once your ticket comes out of the machine, it gets brought to the counter and you return to your table inside a completely remodelled restaurant. Moments later, a Guest Experience Leader delivers your meal on a wooden plank, artfully presented and ready to devour.

The future is now.

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McDonald’s Canada is currently revamping 1,000 of its 1,400 restaurants across Canada to offer this customized experience to diners. Sure, you can still get yours to go or place an order at the counter, but the burgers we were served last week at BC’s first McDonald’s customizable restaurant in Burnaby are a big step up from their regular cousins.

The Angus beef patty is a 1/3-pounder and contains less salt than what I recall from visits to the golden arches years back. Two kinds of cheese, bacon strips, crispy lettuce, tomato and ketchup are simply all I need to enjoy a meal while seated in a cushy booth (furnishings have also been given an upgrade). Modern uniforms complete the look.

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A counter front bakery case contains some tasty McCafé treats baked fresh daily (think croissants, delicious gluten-free brownies as well as pastries and muffins), nicely complementing a cup of Arabica espresso (or seasonal salted caramel lattes and peppermint mochas) prepared with a state-of-the-art coffee system.

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Guest Experience Leaders are at your service to ensure your visit is complete by making the rounds, asking if there’s anything you might need while you dine. McDonald’s takes customer feedback seriously, aiming to stay ahead of the curve in a highly-competitive food and beverage industry.

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There’s a wall-mounted TV and free wi-fi, inviting us to relax and enjoy our meal, a big change from a restaurant chain known for its fast-food service. Proud owner Joe Guzzo shows off a wall plaque bearing photos of all the best moments of his 40+-year career with McDonald’s.

McDonalds build your own burger

The McDonald’s Customized Burger Menu kiosk is currently available at over 140 restaurants in BC.

This feature produced in collaboration with McDonald’s Canada. All opinions expressed are our own. Unwatermarked image above courtesy of McDonald’s Canada.

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