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As of this week, Metro Vancouver Lyft riders have a new option to choose from when opening Lyft on their smart phones: public transit routes provided by TransLink and BC Ferries.

You’ll now be able to access detailed info on nearby routes, upcoming departures as well as trip options — more ways of getting from point A to point B.

According to Peter Lukomskyj, Lyft’s General Manager in BC, “During these times, it’s important for our riders, especially those who don’t own a personal vehicle, to be able to access all of their transportation options through the Lyft app, whether that be walking, public transit or ride-share.”

Lyft riders will be able to choose the transportation option that best fits their trip and budget, all within the Lyft app. It’s another step toward providing effective, equitable, and sustainable transportation to our communities, and towards creating a more seamless and connected transportation network.

[Photo credit: Stock Catalog on Flickr]

Transit in the Lyft app is now available in 13 cities across North America — including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto. Visit Lyft online for more info and future updates.

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