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LUSH’s Gorilla Gallery Volume 4 collection follows the touring pop-up installation that made its way to Vancouver last September.

Volume IV is the brainchild of Head Perfumer Simon Constantine’s friendship with Hal Samples, a photographer and filmmaker from Dallas. This cool collab explores themes including the meaning of home, the search for belongings and the power of relationships.

Names such as Rentless, What Would Love Do? and I’m Home might be hard to imagine as scents, yet each contains a unique blend with its own tale to tell.

Here are the five now available at LUSH online.

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Bursting with sweet, floral innocence and overflowing with a playfully light, fruity aroma, this fragrance is named after Siimon’s youngest daughter who, at the age of 8, desired her own perfume. She wrote a list of ingredients in crayon, showed it to Dad, and the scent was created. Amelie Mae is chock full of lavender, heady ylang ylang and aromatic rose, elegant yet mischievous.
Price range: $39.95 to $79.95

This one combines patchouli oil, tonka absolute (think of vanilla caramel), zesty grapefruit oil and musky labdanum grounds. Rentless has an amber undertone that’s derived from labdanum originating from a species of rock rose. Sound complex? I’m not a big fan of this one, but I get that fragrance is a deeply personal experience, so Rentless may just rock your world.
Price range: $49.95 to $99.95

Light and sunny citrus meets floral, nicely married with lavender, tangerine oil and syrupy benzoin resinoid. I’m reminded of a LUSH bath bomb every time I spray this fragrance, but I just can’t put my finger on exactly which one.
Price range: $36.95 to $74.95

The duo created an exotic, yet hospitable fragrance that combines peppery cardamom with rich Colombian cocoa absolute for a warm, spicy blend. Its resin-like base note comes from Oudh, a precious ingredient that’s derived from the agar tree. Cardamom coffee in this scent reveals a soft trail of rose.
Price range: $76.95 to $154.95

Rich Colombian cocoa brings a deep, dark chocolatey base to I’m Home, while vanilla brings a delicate sweetness. A fudgey, rich fragrant vibe comes from the essential oil benzoin resinoid. The story behind this one is familiarity and the essence of bringing you back home to your loved ones.
Price range: $49.95 to $99.95

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