Lovesick at El Kartel

Lovesick, a unique art and fashion project, has collabed with Vancouver’s famed hub of street fashion and culture, El Kartel, to debut an inaugural collection featuring a dedicated pop-up shop and art installation.

Lovesick at El Kartel

Conceived by Vancouver/Los Angeles-based artist and long time designer D. Briker, Lovesick started as a visual art and sculpture project focusing on modern communication, iconography, desire and love.

“It was about a human desire to communicate ideas and thoughts when mere language is simply not sufficient” comments Briker, on the original thoughts behind the project.

Working with friend and fellow artist Ronan Boyle, Briker created large backlit wall sculptures in a variety of colours and textures. The exhibit was first featured at high-end boutique Kokko for a Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto launch. It later launched at Vancouver Opera’s Pop Up Bar at Queen Elizabeth Plaza.

Never Apart Gallery Montreal
[Lovesick at Never Apart Gallery, Montreal]

These events lead to a solo Lovesick exhibition at Montreal’s Never Apart Gallery. “It was a very natural and obvious to transition the Lovesick project into a fashion brand as well. I wanted to incorporate a very personal aspect into the modern language of street wear, because just like any other art form, clothing is best when it comes from an honest and personal place. There are too many brands out there, that say absolutely nothing and stand for nothing”.

Lovesick at Kokko 2017
[Lovesick at Kokko, 2017]

At the start of 2018, Lovesick successfully sold to several key street wear stores in the Southern US and Japan. This season, Lovesick decided to test the market by doing full branding/art installs with select retailers.

Lovesick at Vancouver Opera Bar

“Our first choice is obvious to be El Kartel. They have been great supporters of myself and many other creatives in Vancouver and beyond”, continues Briker. “Not only is Pablo from El Kartel a good friend he is also a fellow artist who understood exactly where I was coming from with this project”.

El Kartel is an independent boutique in Vancouver Chinatown owned by husband-and-wife team Pablo Zamundo and M.J. Cloutier.

“Having known David for years, we have a mutual admiration for each others work. When he approached me with the Lovesick collection and install idea, I loved it immediately and we are super stoked to have it here”, says Pablo. “I really think it’s a good fit and I am sure the brand will resonate with our customers”.

The Lovesick collection and installation is now on at El Kartel, 104 East Pender Street, through December 15.

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