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Since 1982, German brand Ortlieb has been synonymous with waterproof bike panniers. Like many cycling accessory makers, the company was born out of a need to find a solution, in this case, cycling in damp Southern England. The very first bags were stitched on a home sewing machine, and over the years, perfected to the point of 100% waterproofness.

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That’s an amazing claim, one that we can appreciate living on the Wet coast. Ortlieb bags use no impregnation or taped seams. The hardware locks the bag into place, whether it’s a side pannier or an under-the-saddle model.

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The visionary who started Ortlieb, Hartmut Ortlieb, has grown this company into a success story with one aim: to keep your gear dry. And with that, Ortlieb’s Canadian rep sent us a couple of seat bags to check out in two different sizes and colours.

Ortlieb bike bags
[What’s in the bag]

Both bags feature a roll closure made of lightweight nylon, an inner stiffener to retain shape, 3M Scotchlite reflector and a mounting system (with included hardware).

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The Saddle-Bag Two is the newer of the two products and comes in 1.6 L and 4.1 L sizes (in Lime/Black, Signal Red/Black and Slate/Black).

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Ours has a 1.6-liter capacity and is ideal for storing a spare tube, repair kit, extra batteries for a bike light and other small essentials.

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The roll closure secures with two side buckles, keeping your stuff dry and dust-free.

Key Features

– Adjustable snap-lock mount gives a secure fit under the saddle and can be quickly removed
– Hook-and-loop stability strap fits around seat posts up to 34.9mm in diameter
– Contains no protruding plastic components on the inside
– Made from sturdy PVC-free nylon fabric in Germany

1.6 liters, CAD $74.99/USD $54.99

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[What’s in the bag]

We also checked out a smaller version of this bag, in a micro, .8 liter size. Like its bigger brother, this one’s easy to mount via the included bracket.

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Just roll and clip together to keep out the elements! It’s available in Slate Black, Signal Red-Orange and Light Green-Lime.

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CAD $39.99/USD $34.99

Known for its extreme durability, each Ortlieb bag comes with a five-year warranty, is sustainably produced and PVC-free. Visit Ortlieb online for more info, catalog and product dealers. In Canada, visit your local bike shop.

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