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This evening, I attended Karen’s Room, a multimedia exhibition being presented in Room 103 of the Waldorf Hotel. Karen, an artist/activist, has been given “castaway” sheets discarded during the recent Waldorf Hotel renovations.

Room 103 draped in sheets

She’s occupying Room 103 for a one month period, collecting sheets that will be dispersed to Pakistan, Indonesia, Brazil, and other natural disaster regions. As well, a few Vancouver, Downtown Eastside, and Surrey shelters will be given sheets.


Several unusable sheets are being further repurposed into bandages to be donated to hospitals in the regions mentioned above.

Love is the New World Order

What started as a creative spark became a productive use of Karen’s downtime between projects. Award-winning artist and curator Paul Wong soon took notice of her ambitious project that led to a collaboration, putting his creative wizardry to her original concept. He’s also documenting as well as overseeing the project.

Wong was the creative force behind the hotel’s grand opening Halloween party, creating several installations for the inaugural sold-out event. Over the next few months, Off Main plans to present three of the 12 site-specific performances and art installations created by Wong for that party.


Visit the Waldorf Hotel website for further information on the exhibit, open daily from 5-9 pm.


  • Comment by Cheryl — January 15, 2011 @ 9:46 am

    What a cool initiative! Sheets for the needy. I’m heading out there tomorrow night to check it out. Thanks for the info and pics.

  • Comment by andre p. — January 15, 2011 @ 12:10 pm

    Love the photos and was at the Halloween party too. I’m glad that Waldorf is making an effort to showcase independent and local talent – well done!

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