Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Since the Rosewood Hotel Georgia reopened its doors earlier this summer, I had been looking for the opportunity to visit both the hotel and its artwork. I already knew about the expansive collection that arts consultancy firm Farmboy Fine Arts had been busy curating, so when I was invited to view the collection this week, I knew I’d found my chance.

Rosewood Hotel Georgia

It must be mentioned here that the hotel itself is a walking museum, with beautiful spaces, custom moulding, and furnishings that recall the deluxe, romantic hotels of yesteryear.

Rosewood Hotel Georgia Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Farmboy, working together with Rosewood Hotels & Resorts as well as property owners Delta Land Development, commissioned artwork from a variety of Canadian artists to grace the historic hotel’s walls, suites, and meeting rooms.

Rosewood Hotel Georgia Rosewood Hotel Georgia Looking UP at the bottom of the pool from the Bowden Room, 2nd floor
[Bottom photo: view from 2nd floor Bowden Room, looking up at the bottom of the pool]

While I didn’t have the chance to view all 200 pieces in the collection, I was taken on a tour of the highlights, winding up with an unexpected visit to the ultra-chic signature Rosewood Suite on the 12th floor.

Sonny Assu "Spawned", 2010
[Sonny Assu, Spawned, 2010]

A multi-disciplinary artist, Sony Assu merges Northwest Coast Aboriginal icons with pop culture. Shown here is “Spawned“, which can be viewed on the 2nd floor pre-function concourse.

Patrick Hughes, "Internity" 2008
[Patrick Hughes, Internity, 2008]

Patrick Hughes’ Internity is located right across from the reception desk. This is a unique piece of artwork in that looking straight at it, you’d think it was two dimensional, until you start to move away from it. All of a sudden, the 3D comes into play.

Ray Nataro, "The Messenger" 2010
[Ray Nataro, The Messenger, 2010]

Ray Nataro, a Squamish Nation artist, highlights clean lines in a colourful carved wood piece that can be found at the back of the 1927 Lobby Lounge.

Jack Shadbolt, "Modular Variation J (122)", "Modular Variation R (116)"
[Jack Shadbolt, Modular Variation J (122), Modular Variation R (116)]

Jack Shadbolt’s dual artworks can be found in the lounge, adjacent to the reception area.

Douglas Coupland, "Electric Canadian Landscape" series, 2010
[Douglas Coupland, Electric Canadian Landscape series, 2010]

Douglas Coupland’s work is also represented in the collection, a series of six compositions that hark back to the Group of Seven, Canada’s masters of old. More photos of both the artwork and the event can be found here.

What follows are a few photos of the infamous Rosewood Suite.

Rosewood Suite Rosewood Suite Rosewood Suite Rosewood Suite Rosewood Suite rooftop Rosewood Suite rooftop

I couldn’t leave out the pool and spa area!

Rosewood Hotel Georgia pool Sense, A Rosewood Spa
[Sense, A Rosewood Spa]

The Rosewood Hotel Georgia is located at 801 W. Georgia Street, at the corner of Howe.

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