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Starting tomorrow, if you can provide proof of a certified vax, you’ll be allowed entry into Iceland without PCR testing and quarantine upon arrival, as well as being exempt from border measures. This exemption applies to citizens outside the Schengen area, including the UK and North America.

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Until now, exemptions have only applied to those presenting certificates from the EU/EEA Area. You’ll need to show proof of a full vaccination (with a vaccine certified by the World Health Organization or European Medical) and meet the requirements defined by Iceland’s Chief Epidemiologist as well as Icelandic regulations, then you’re welcome in.

“We are excited to safely reopen our borders to fully vaccinated citizens, as well as those who are no longer susceptible to the virus,” according to Sigríður Dögg Guðmundsdóttir, Head of Visit Iceland.

The exemption also applies to those who can provide valid proof of prior infection, however documentation on prior infections must be in accordance with the requirements outlined by the Chief Epidemiologist.

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