Icebreaker 7 Day Challenge

It’s a sad fact that microfibers make up 85% of human-created debris found washed up on our planet’s shores. Did you know that up to 700,000 plastic microfibres can be released in just one wash load?

As consumers, what can we do to bring that percentage down?

Icebreaker 7 Day Challenge-2
[What impact does your sweater have?]

We can start by wearing clothing that doesn’t need constant laundering, such as Icebreaker’s 100% merino-based products. Merino clothing is not only naturally odor-resistant but doesn’t need washing after one or two wears.

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As part of Icebreaker’s 7-Day Challenge influencer campaign, I received and wore a Midnight Navy Vertex Long Sleeve Half Zip Crystalline sweater for a week straight — and it’s still not picking up odors.

Icebreaker 7 Day Challenge-3
[Seven days of style, and less impact on the planet]

The New Zealand-based company is helping to lead a movement toward natural solutions to help preserve our planet for future generations to come. Their new collection includes several machine-washable, 100% merino knit cozy, warm sweaters.

With the recent climate change marches around the world, I can at least feel good about wearing a sweater that doesn’t stress out the environment any further while supporting a retail company that’s taking strides to reduce its impact on the planet.

[L to R: Vertex Long Sleeve Half Zip Crystalline, Long Sleeve Crewe in Midnight Navy Heather]

I absolutely love the wintery pattern on the 250 Vertex Long Sleeve Half Zip Crystalline merino sweater! Navy blue has recently become my go-to colour after years of wearing black.

Icebreaker 7 Day Challenge-4

The fabric is super soft and comfortable, and the neck zips right up to protect my throat from those chilly winter temperatures. It nicely compliments Icebreaker’s Merino Cool-Lite Sphere Crew top (shown here as a long-sleeve, but they also sell a short-sleeved version).

Icebreaker Long Sleeve Crewe
[L to R: Icebreaker Long Sleeve Crewe in Panther and Amore Heather]

The drop hem adds a bit more coverage and the underarms are gusseted for easy movement.

Icebreaker 7 Day Challenge-5

This is such an easy piece to layer that I ended up wearing it around our office, on lunch-hour power walks, even a couple of bike rides for an entire week, with no washing needed.

Icebreaker 7 Day Challenge-7

Whether I’m pairing this sweater with jeans, sweats or a long skirt, the piece is flattering and compliments my wardrobe.

Icebreaker 7 Day Challenge-8
[On day 7!]

And if you’re not a fan of navy, it also comes in Mystic (a medium blue) and Arctic Teal, in sizes XS to XL; CAD $170/USD $140.

Icebreaker 250 Vertex Long Sleeve Half Zip Crystalline merino sweater

Icebreaker offers free shipping within Canada! Click here to learn more.

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