Hospital of Horror

Halloween is the official season of scary and SmartyPantz is working with the experts at Edmonton-based vrCAVE to bring players a chillingly spooky Halloween virtual reality experience.

After putting on a VR headset and backpack, players will be transported to the Hospital of Horror, where they’ll be able to explore the abandoned rooms and ride the elevator . . . but soon discover that they’re not alone.

Hospital of Horror, SmartyPantz

Hospital of Horror isn’t an escape room, but a completely immersive virtual experience, like a traditional haunted house but much more realistic. The two-person play lasts 10 minutes and will scare players in ways they never knew were possible!

vrCAVE’s proprietary technology allows two players to enter and explore the virtual world together (priced at $25 per person through November 6). Visit Smartypantz online for more info and reservations.

SmartyPantz Vancouver is located in the heart of Gastown at 100-289 Abbott Street.

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