Breakfast at Tiffany 2014-8
[Novo engagement ring contains spectacular 5.26-karat, cushion-cut, G colour diamond]

Starting off my chilly Thursday morning was a visit to Tiffany & Co.’s Burrard Street store for their annual catered breakfast and bubbly event to ring in the season of glittery gift-giving.

Breakfast at Tiffany 2014-3 Breakfast at Tiffany 2014-4
[Radiant necklace with three rare, Fancy vivid yellow diamonds plus 642 white diamonds]

A group of local fashion writers and media were invited to try on several pieces in the Tiffany collection, from a yellow diamond necklace worn by Kate Winslet during the 2010 Academy Awards down to some of the most beautiful engagement rings and detailed jewellery available anywhere.

Breakfast at Tiffany 2014-5

The Radiant necklace features three rare, Fancy vivid yellow diamonds plus 642 white diamonds in platinum. What a striking piece to behold and WEAR!

Breakfast at Tiffany 2014-7 Breakfast at Tiffany 2014-6
[Novo engagement ring; Enchant key back]

From the Novo series, this 5.26-karat, G colour engagement ring contains 16 rounded diamonds down the sides of its band, with a gorgeous, cushion-cut diamond centerpiece, retailing for $641,000. It fit perfectly too.

Breakfast at Tiffany 2014-1

The attention to detail in this Fancy yellow oval diamond with white-diamonds Enchant key is evident on both front and back of the piece. Tiffany is known for its standard of excellence in design and innovation; turning both the Radiant necklace and key over reveals stunning craftsmanship.

The shop is in full holiday mode, so if you’re looking to be spoiled this holiday season, here’s to fine indulgence of the sparkly sort.

Tiffany is located at 723 Burrard Street in downtown Vancouver.

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