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Videomatica’s collection includes the largest number of documentaries in Canada, a huge selection from the Vancouver International Film Festival’s past 29 years, and films from over 75 countries. And all of it will have to go soon.

The landmark video store in Kitsilano is currently campaigning to send its massive movie collection to university, in order to preserve the unique and diverse collection. If movies are sold off piecemeal, they’ll be lost as a collection forever. Local institutions have been contacted in order to get the ball rolling. The goal is to preserve and enhance the collection, while giving the public as much access to them as possible in the future.

Universities don’t have enough funds on their own to make a purchase of this magnitude. Since the movies will need to be moved one way or another and soon, Videomatica launched a new campaign to allow film lovers to save their favourite films by donating a small amount to save a title, or many.

Anyone can “send a film to university” by visiting Videomatica’s donation website and selecting which ones to sponsor.

With each minimum $25 donation, donors will receive a certificate proclaiming that they’ve saved a Videomatica movie and sent it to university. Along with the confirmation email, you’ll get up to five free rentals at the store to boot.

Help spread the word. Time is running out for over 35,000 DVDs, Blu-ray discs and VHS tapes, hand picked over the past 28 years to make up what’s considered one of the most complete collections of rare and important films in one location. You can also follow Videomatica on Twitter and “like” their Facebook page.

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