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We’re all spending more time indoors as the West coast continues to dampen our streets, which means more cozy tea afternoons and fresh veggie chopping for soups and salads!

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We received two kitchen accessories from Hamilton Beach to make kitchen prep easy from start to clean-up: the Stack & Snap Compact Food Processor, ideal for small spaces, and the 1.7 Litre Glass Kettle, with its spiffy blue LED lights that glow as the water heats up.

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Stack & Snap Compact Food Processor

This super easy to use, 4-cup compact food processor is a little cousin to the standard food processors out there but requires much less counter space and can shred carrots, cheese, and chop cucumbers and other veggies like an ace.

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The unit has suction cups on the bottom to keep it stable while in use, and as the name implies, the parts stack on top of one another for storage. It would be great to have included a small case to store the reversible stainless steel slice/shred disc, but we noticed the finger holes do help to keep away from the sharp sections of the disc.

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The top snaps in place and the machine won’t run unless it’s properly sealed and the chute is in place, for safety reasons.

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As can be expected, the chute is a little narrower than the larger models, so a cucumber needs to be first sliced lengthwise in order to fit through.

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Not only can you slice, chop and shred food, but the Stack & Snap also makes excellent smoothies! Just add the liquid first, then the fruit, and seconds later, your tasty smoothie (our fave is blueberry/banana) is ready to enjoy. The Stack & Snap is designed with a pour spout too, for easy pouring into a glass.

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Both the lid and drive shaft are sealed to prevent leaks, and make clean up easy. The exterior can be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge and a mild, nonabrasive cleanser. The blades, bowl, and lid are all dishwasher-safe.

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The entire machine weighs 1.55 kg, and comes in black; CAD $74.99

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1.7 Litre Glass Kettle

Hamilton Beach’s 1.7 Litre Glass Kettle is a relatively affordable option for heating water. Its main cool factor are the blue LED lights that illuminate when the kettle is in use. There’s a 360º cordless base and pull-up lid which isn’t the handiest but it works.

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We found that the kettle shakes a little at the base as the water is about to boil, but it does stay put!

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The kettle is stylish, has boil-dry protection, and suits most kitchens, sporting stainless steel elements and black accents. CAD $65.99

Visit Hamilton Beach online to shop and view the entire range of kitchen products, replacement parts and recipes.

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