Elements by the Sea, The Spa at Cannon Beach

Visiting Elements by the Sea spa was a matter of a few flights of steps down from my room followed by a short walk to the Hallmark Resort lobby elevator. This full-service spa will pamper you with a variety of massages, wraps, scrubs, and facials, all offered by appointment.

Elements by the Sea, The Spa at Cannon Beach

I chose a Citrus Fruit Body Wrap (one hour, $110, including exfoliation and massage). My visit started with a Stormy Weather ‘Steam and Soak’. I was led to a steam room complete with built-in light therapy and music. The spa has a light therapy menu that caters to each chakra for complete well-being. I had a happy orange/yellow colour scheme to help recreate a sunny day.

Elements by the Sea, The Spa at Cannon Beach

This pre-massage treatment lasts about 10 to 15 minutes and costs $15. A large copper tub filled with marine salts and pebbles for a foot soak was brought into the steam room, so that I could indulge all of my senses. The pebbles gave a nice textural feel to my feet, and brought me down one notch on the relaxation meter.

My massage started with a dry brush exfoliation. I could tell that masseuse Judy Martin had done this more than a few times in the past! Lavender and eucalyptus (my choices) aromatherapy oils were used to enhance the soft lighting and calming music. Warmed citrus fruit oil was then brushed all over my body, followed by several layers of wrap to steep the oil through my pores. A delightful sensation as I closed my eyes and let myself melt away.

Judy then massaged my head and feet. By the time that the wraps were ready to be removed, I was nearly asleep and filled with a deep sense of calm: I could barely move! Sadly enough, the massage was soon over and I slowly got up and dressed. Every inch of my body felt soft and smooth all over.

Elements by the Sea, The Spa at Cannon Beach

The spa has several seating areas to relax post-massage, including one near a fireplace. Elements by the Sea also sells body and skin care products, candles, and gift certificates.

Elements by the Sea, The Spa at Cannon Beach

Elements by the Sea spa is located onsite at Hallmark Resort, 1400 South Hemlock Street in Cannon Beach.

My Citrus Fruit Body Wrap was compliments of both Hallmark Resort and Travel Oregon.

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