GIB One-Two Punch IPA

Granville Island Brewing has released a limited-edition One-Two Punch Belgian IPA. Produced in small batches, this 7.8% strong beer has a distinct smoky flavour on the palate with a refreshing, hoppy, and light aftertaste. The colour is golden and murky, comparable to a complex Belgian IPA-style beer.

GIB One-Two Punch IPA label design

After one glass of the One-Two Punch, you’ll find the second punch quite the knock-out.

Although the GIB website recommends trying it with carbonnade flamande (a traditional Belgian stew) we enjoyed pairing this one with sushi, finding an ideal late-summer sipper for our balcony.

Check out Granville Island Brewing online and be sure to try Brewmaster Vern Lambourne’s latest in the line of Small Batch Black Notebook Series beers.

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