I’m currently enrolled in a grammar course as part of my continuing studies editing certification program at Simon Fraser University.

Learning grammar in my childhood was enhanced by the Schoolhouse Rock! cast of teachers. I can still hum a few lines of the infamous Conjunction, Junction song.

Picking up grammar as an adult is a whole new learning experience. Instead of knowing that you’ve incorrectly named a direct object, I’m now learning WHY it’s incorrect. Our instructor has many years of teaching grammar under his belt.

With a light touch of humour, he’s bringing back the basics and it’s starting to make sense (all over again). Telling a verb apart from a noun is pretty easy for most of us, but recalling the eight different types of pronouns or three conjunctions doesn’t roll off everybody’s tongue so easily.

Reaching to that far side of my brain, the part that helped me to learn and memorize grammar, i still can’t recall whether I ever learned about verbals though. Time to brush up!

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