Crazy competitions, mammoth meals and outlandish characters: Welcome to the world of ‘Get Stuffed‘, a new show premiering on Tuesday, July 3 on OLN (9 pm ET/PT). This show definitely fits within the network’s “outrageous characters/real life” creed.

In this unique 13 episode series, unique and bizarre food creations take centre stage, often meeting with both hilarious and unexpected results.

Each week, two fearless competitors go head-to-head in extreme competitions at offbeat festivals across North America. If nothing else, this should make for some entertaining summer TV action.

From Quebec’s Greased Pig Races and Georgia’s Redneck Games to Montana’s Testicle Festival, ‘Get Stuffed‘ takes viewers places they’ve never gone before.

Guests on the show will also get a taste of some off the biggest, hottest, and most outrageous regional food. Bragging rights for the winner, a “punishment” meal for the loser, this show’s bound to get people talking.

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