Sun Bum

Whether you’re escaping the cold weather or headed to the ski slopes, keeping your skin protected from the sun is a four-season commitment. Sun Bum offers a complete range of sunscreen products to protect from head to toe.

Cruelty-free haircare products, sunscreens in many sizes, formulas and sun factors, plus after sun and lip care are all part of this Florida-based company’s collection. They take sunscreen seriously and keep the brand fun with Sonny, the sunglass-wearing monkey, on all their items.

Sun Bum-4

The Getaway includes three sunning essentials packed into a groovy canvas “Good Vibes Only” zippered pouch, perfect for adding to a day pack.
– SPF 30 Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion (177 ml)
– Cool Down Aloe Vera-enriched after sun lotion (177 ml)
– SPF 30 coconut-flavoured Lip Balm (4.25 g)
CAD $39.99/USD $22.99

Sun Bum Face Mist

This slender, 100 ml face mist refreshes the skin while offering broad spectrum SPF 45 coverage. It’s also water-resistant for 40 minutes; CAD $22.99/USD $18.49

Face 50, in a travel-friendly 88 ml tube containing UVA/UVB broad spectrum SPF 50, is a lightweight, fragrance-free, water-resistant facial sunscreen with 80 minutes of sun protection time. CAD $19.99/USD $15.49

Sun Bum-2

Similar to Face 50, the compact Glow 30 provides 80 minutes of broad spectrum SPF 30 coverage to protect your face from unwanted sun damage while moisturizing your skin. Glow 30 is fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and is suitable for all skin tones. 59 ml; CAD $23.99/USD $18.49

Sun Bum Sunscreen Spray

Sun Bum’s zinc-based Mineral Sunscreen Spray 50 provides 80 minutes of broad spectrum SPF 50 protection from the sun in a convenient 170 gram spray bottle. CAD $25.96/USD $20.49

It’s also worth mentioning that their sprays use natural compression over chemical propellants. The air dispenses the product stored in a B.O.V (Bag on Valve) inside the container, steering clear of traditional aerosol methods.

For days when you’ve been out too long in the sun, restore your skin with Sun Bum’s Cool Down, a soothing, restorative Aloe Vera antioxidant-enriched lotion with Vitamin E. This one’s also part of The Getaway trio. 177 ml; CAD $15.99/USD $13.49

Sun Bum-3
[L to R: Coconut (included with The Getaway), Coco Balm, Pomegranate Lip Balm with SPF 30]

The lip balm collection helps to both protect and moisturize your kisser with either built-in SPF 30 or simple moisturizing benefits. We chose two from the range: Pomegranate Lip Balm broad spectrum SPF 30 with a sweet pomegranate taste (plus Aloe and Vitamin E) and Coco Balm in a refreshing Ocean Mint, with Aloe and Coconut Oil.

Other moisturizing lip balm flavours include Piña Colada and Groove Cherry. In the SPF 30 range, there’s Mango, Key Lime, Coconut, Banana, and Watermelon. 4.25 g; CAD $4.99/USD $3.99 each. There’s bound to be a Sun Bum item or two to fit your sun-loving needs!

Visit Sun Bum online for the complete collection as well as where to purchase their products.

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