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Today, France (and the other member states of the European Union) adopted a proposal on the reopening of Europe’s external borders, beginning July 1. The 14 countries on their welcome list include Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Thailand (and China, subject to reciprocity). This list will be reviewed every two weeks.

In view of the satisfactory epidemiological evolution on European territory, new measures have been adopted following decisions made on the reopening of European borders (Schengen area) and the opening of borders to international visitors after July 1.

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[Chateau d’Amboise and gardens; photo © Léonard de Serres]

The first countries eligible for this reopening are Australia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Thailand, Uruguay, three North African States (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia), two Eastern European States (Montenegro, Serbia) and Georgia.

The US, Russia, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are – at this stage – excluded from the list, as their COVID-19 outbreaks are more severe than those in Europe. Regarding China, the reopening of borders will depend on reciprocity (China’s borders still remain closed to European travellers).

Top travel blogger
[Domaine Les Hauts de Loire; photo © Les Hauts de Loire]

All health and security measures are being taken on a case-by-case basis to ensure that border restrictions are lifted in the best possible conditions.

The British government (the United Kingdom being, in post-Brexit transition, still considered an EU Member State) recently imposed a two-week quarantine period for foreign travellers. France is therefore applying the rule of reciprocity until further notice. Visit Tourism France online for details and developments.

Top image © SETE/Shun Kambe

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