Arkel ORCA 45 Waterproof Bike Panniers

Canadian made and rugged, in time for bike trips and fall cycling, Arkel ORCA 45 roll-top bike panniers offer ample space for commuters (or travellers) to stow gear. We received the waterproof ORCA 45 model in grey.

 Arkel ORCA 45 Waterproof Bike Panniers

Arkel aims to reduce their carbon footprint by shipping their panniers sustainably; one pannier is packed into the second to save space. Once separated, it’s easy to assemble via pushing the interior cradle (what gives the pannier its shape) to the bottom of each bag, where a pair of velcro strips neatly keep the cradles in place.

 Arkel ORCA 45 Waterproof Bike Panniers

The panniers are built with an integrated, patented Cam-Lock® mounting system that fits all tube diameters from 8mm to 15mm without need for extra parts.

Arkel ORCA 45 pannier-5

Once the wire hook is fed through the stabilization strap, you lift each pannier’s handle to open the cam and hook the pannier to the top of your bike rack.

Arkel ORCA 45 pannier-7

Once released, the cams lock onto the rack.

Arkel ORCA 45 pannier-2

Additionally, you can adjust the stabilization strap via screws on the aluminum hook using a 3mm Allen key. Just loosen the screw, slide the hook to the desired position and re-tighten.

Arkel Orca 45 panniers

On the outside is a fully welded, waterproof zippered pocket for keys or small essentials. Each side has a stitched loop for clipping or mounting blinker lights (we stowed our trusty little MEC light there).

Arkel ORCA 45 pannier

On the bottom is a piece of plastic mounted with three Allen screws to protect between the bag and your bike rack, also helping to reduce friction when cycling.

Arkel ORCA 45 pannier-4

Both front and sides have reflective logos for added visibility and Arkel has even included a pair of D-rings should you want to add a shoulder strap to one or both panniers.

Arkel ORCA 45 pannier-3 Arkel ORCA 45 pannier-6

Inside you’ll find a sleeve and zippered pocket for papers, tablet, wallet or any other item that you’ll want easy access to.

Arkel ORCA 45 pannier

And if the panniers are too loose on your bike rack (you’ll hear a rattling noise when going over bumps), tie an additional knot in the bungee cord to shorten it. This in turn will add tension to the mounting system and make for a quieter ride.

 Arkel ORCA 45 Waterproof Bike Panniers

The pair weigh in at 2.02 kg (4.56 lbs.) and come in either grey or red; CAD $239.99

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