With the dozens of home meal prep companies out there, Evive offers something new: frozen cubes that serve as the base for an amazing variety of easy-to-prepare meals!

We recently discovered the Montreal-based brand and were sent a bunch of their smoothie and lunch cubes to test-drive here at home.

The company was founded by Dominic Dubé and Claudia Poulin, both entrepreneurs with busy lifestyles who were looking for an accessible way to prepare healthy meals without sacrificing quality ingredients.

Evive began with a series of plant-based smoothie cubes that you simply pop into a shaker, cover with water or your fave liquid, leave to melt for 20 minutes, then shake and enjoy.

Evive Lunches

They’ve recently launched three main lunch products: Bam Chili, Mac Squash and Tom Thai. All three contain nutritious plant-based ingredients and remain in your freezer until you’re ready to pop them into a pan, heat up and serve over rice, noodles, quinoa or cauliflower rice.

Evive offers quick and easy meal prep via innovative wheels with pop-out triangular cubes. For a small portion, use three cubes, for a regular portion, six cubes. You’ll be digging into a nutritious meal in under five minutes!

Their products can be ordered online with free shipping across Canada. Your order is entirely customizable too.

Evive Choose Subscription plan Evive Choose Subscription plan

Just select the quantity of each product in a 12- 24- or 36-product box, decide how frequently you’d like the order sent your way, then build your box. And if you order one or more lunch cube packs, you’ll get a free e-book filled with some great recipes to try out.

Each recipe includes prep time, amount of servings, ingredients and directions. We were inspired to cook up a hearty pad thai using their Tom Thai wheel.


We gathered what was needed and started by chopping roasted peanuts and cilantro, then spiralizing the carrots and zucchini. Once that was underway, we boiled the rice noodles, popped in the cubes and got the sauce underway.

Evive-5 Evive-4

Cooking up these Tom Thai cubes made our kitchen smell delish! By the time we added the peanut butter, lime juice and coconut milk, we were just about ready to dig in!


Other lunch recipes in the e-book include General Thai Tofu, Mexican Rice and Broccoli Mac’n Cheese. Anytime you’re looking for a little inspiration, you now only have to look no further than your freezer to start up a great meal.


These versatile cubes can easily be heated and used as a topping for your fave pasta or rice, for a quick and healthy lunch! Evive is also launching their line of pre-cooked accompaniments (healthy macaroni, quinoa, cauliflower rice) today! Visit their website and Instagram feed for updates.

If you’d like to discover the world of Evive, we’ve got an exclusive code for Vancouverscape readers by entering VANCOUVERSCAPE10 at check-out.


Visit Evive online for all the details and to order your first box. Evive is also available at over 2,000 grocery stores across Canada.

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