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The weather is beginning to shape up here on the West coast, meaning that outdoor grilling season has kicked off! If you’re living in a small condo or home and are looking for a quality travel grill with a built-in cart, Napoleon’s got a solid model in the TravelQ Pro285X.

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This handy, easily-portable propane gas grill with two stainless-steel burners contains 285 square meters of cooking area. It’s a stylish little BBQ in black with chrome details and can fit both .454kg (1 lb.) disposable cylinders as well as 9.1kg (20 lb.) gas cylinders.

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Napoleon’s trademark cast-iron Iconic Wave cooking grids will provide even heat transfer and a great sear.

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The lid is comprised of cast aluminum and has temperature a gauge to achieve the right amount of cooking time for all the meats, seafood and veggie options you’d want to grill!

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The scissor cart even contains all-terrain wheels for ease in taking around campgrounds and on trails. Fold and setup is pretty quick too. The bottom has a cut-out design for hanging to store the BBQ when not in use.

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[What’s in the box]

The BBQ measures 101 cm (39.75”) high (with the lid open), 112 cm (44.25”) wide (with shelves down) and 51 cm (20.25”) deep.

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The optional Grill Cover (CAD $75.99) is smartly designed with air vents, hanging loops and velcro to cinch the cover properly over the BBQ.

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As well, it’s made of water-resistant, durable fabric and has a three-year limited warranty against cracking and fading. During grilling season, it’s easy to hang it up via hanging loops.

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Another well-designed Napoleon accessory from their vast collection of tools, knives, brushes and tool sets is the stainless steel, dishwasher-safe Spatutong (CAD $31.99).

Napoleon spatutong

This multi-function tool is ideal for getting under all your grill goodies to turn over and to pick up off the grill when ready to serve.

Napoleon BBQ

The spatula is beveled for even greater control, while the tongs help to stabilize larger, uneven items when ready to be flipped over.

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The Spatutong also has a spring-loaded mechanism with a locking handle for storage. Its built-in hanger fits all grill hooks, and we appreciate a multi-purpose tool that can do it all.

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