Earls Salmon

For many of us, the new year typically starts off with making resolutions, including losing weight and eating healthier after a holiday season of indulgence. Earls Restaurants has devised a menu to help stick to healthy New Year’s resolutions while enjoying flavourful, colourful seasonal ingredients.

 Earls created a few new dinner salads this season, including the Harvest Crunch, a power-packed salad of raw vegetables, kale, watermelon radish, toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds in a light champagne orange vinaigrette (with optional brined, grilled chicken breast add-on).

The Mediterranean Quinoa Salad packs protein with a gremolata (chopped herbs, lemon zest, garlic, and parsley) chicken, red quinoa, radish, almonds, oregano herb vinaigrette. Gremolata keeps the chicken lean with brines and fresh herb marinades, maintaining flavour without needing to add sauces — and extra calories.

Earls offers these health tips for optimal eating:
– Choose a filet of salmon but forgo the mashed potatoes and have it served on a bed of roasted vegetables or salad greens.
– Skip a deep-fried item and ask for it grilled or baked.  
– Love chicken tacos? Order low-calorie, gluten-free chicken tacos at Earls in a lettuce wrap instead of the taco shell, reducing calories even further.  

Low-gluten needs have been met by Earls for over a decade. For vegetarians, many of Earls dishes use vegetable rather than chicken stock making many soups, pastas, and entrées suitable for vegetarian diners. Earls “Red Seal” chefs can help with ordering low calorie, high flavour foods while sticking to New Year’s resolution this month and beyond.

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