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When Benjamin Franklin said “… there will be sleeping enough in the grave…”, he probably did not fathom the endless barrage of distractions, stress and insomnia that accompany 21st century life.

Studies have shown that a lack of sleep can lead to an early grave by contributing to poor circulation, low blood pressure and increased inflammation. At minimum, dull saggy skin and dark circles make sleep-deprived individuals look like those among the walking dead.

The springtime ritual of daylight savings robs the tired and the restless of a precious hour. Luckily Alanna McGinn, founder of the Goodnight Sleep Site has teamed up with Dermalogica to offer sleep tips ahead of the anticipated launch of their new product, Sound Sleep Cocoon

Some of McGinn’s tips include establishing a consistent sleep pattern and ritual to help you fall asleep, ensuring you get an adequate amount of rest, weaning yourself off pre-bedtime tech creating a bedroom sanctuary to encourage slumber.


She says we can help the transition to DST by adjusting our bedtime and waking schedules by 15 minutes earlier each day, one week prior to DST.

Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep and any deprivation is accumulated as “sleep debt”. Just as financial debt can bring on bankruptcy, sleep debt can also bring biological ruin.

Sleep does more than provide a reprieve for flesh and bones: it’s the time when our largest organ, the skin, and the ever-engaged mind go into regeneration and repair mode. Harmful brain metabolic peptides are purged while protective cells are created and memories cached.


While the body is in dreamland, the skin is most receptive to absorbing nutrients, replenishing lost moisture and producing firming collagen. The sumptuous ingredients infused in Dermalogica’s Sound Sleep Cocoon (DSSC) work with this natural overnight repair process.

Persian Silk Tree Bark Extract reduces skin fatigue while Wu-Zhu fruit Extract promotes a radiant complexion. In addition, Tamarind Seed Extract cocoons the dermis with hydration while Kakadu Plum Extract acts as an antioxidant to brighten skin tone.

Unlike most night-time treatments, DSSC is a lightweight gel-cream that literally melts into the skin. The simple twist pump keeps an air-tight, bacteria-free seal on this luxurious product. I look forward to relaxing with the DSSC as part of my pre-bedtime routine.

Sound Sleep Cocoon

Another feature that sets DSSC apart is the incorporation of motion-activated essential oils. The divine scents of French Lavender, Sandalwood and Patchouli, known for their soothing and sedative properties, provide a comforting cocoon of aromas for your sleepy-time slumbers.

Now that you know why a good night’s sleep is so beneficial, Dermalogica wants to help you maximize your shuteye time with a free widget designed to complement the Sound Sleep Cocoon treatment.

Sound of Sleep Widget

While the use of brightly-lit electronic devices 60 minutes before bed can stimulate the brain, other tech such as sound machines and aromatherapy diffusers can be useful for catching z’s.

The Sound Sleep Widget features how-to’s for a DIY deep sleep massage, tips for falling asleep and a sound therapy playlist by neuroscience company NuCalm. The tranquil sounds blend with alpha and theta brainwaves to induce a restorative sound sleep.

Dermalogica’s Sound Sleep Cocoon launches in Canada today – just in time for World Sleep Day tomorrow, March 16. This annual event was first introduced 10 years ago and is a “wake up” call of sorts to draw attention to the hazards of sleep deprivation.

Celebrate by pampering your sleep ritual with Dermalogica’s Sound Sleep Cocoon.

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