Dead Frog Brewery Super Fearless IPA

As any kind of beer is normally a very personal tasting experience, there’s always a beer that will stand out and rank higher between beer lovers. Last week, we sampled two Dead Frog Brewery IPA’s: Fearless, and its new, hoppier cousin/seasonal, Super Fearless.

The Super Fearless really won this IPA-loving gal over. It’s marketed as the “Fearless IPA on steroids”. The after-taste is magnificent. With Zythos and Galaxy hops providing a tropical fruit, citrusy aroma and Cascade and Columbus hops adding to the bitter finish of the Fearless, the double-IPA Super Fearless gets all that plus Marris Otter Floor malts.

This is one seasonal worthy of being added as a regular to the Dead Frog lineup.

93 IBU’s of deep amber-coloured IPA (vs. 77 with the Fearless) brought out a very flavourful combination of caramel and orange tastes to our palates. It’s bold and can easily pair with steak, roasted pork, or a hearty soup. I would also experiment with a selection of dark chocolates and the Super Fearless.

Dead Frog’s Fearless is available in a six pack and keg, while the newly-released Super Fearless comes in 650 ml bottles (and kegs) and is in limited supply. Here’s to a Hoppy Christmas! Cheers to Brewmaster Tony Dewald!

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