Kits Beach Beach Beer

James Boileau, Andrew Lavigne and Dana Barnaby, are longtime Kitsilano residents. The trio, who have been friends for years, all have successful careers.

Boileau is a business coach, marketing consultant and author of Own Your S**t; Lavigne is a documentary filmmaker; Barnaby is a film DP. Five years ago, Lavigne (the beer enthusiastic in the group) proposed launching a beer company to capture the spirit of Kits: Kits Beach Beer.

When the pandemic hit and their careers were thrown curve balls, Boileau, Lavigne and Barnaby decided now was the perfect time to launch Kits Beach Beer. In spring 2020, Boileau opened Kits Beach Coffee – at Kits Beach – as a way to get into the market and start building awareness for the Kits Beach brand.

Kits Beach Beer Makes Waves

The partners spent the last year perfecting their recipe. “Our flagship beer, Kits Beach Beer, is a crisp, clean, lightly hopped Summer Ale with hints of citrus,” says Barnaby. “Vancouver has over 25 beer companies but we’re the only one on the west side,” adds Lavigne. Kits residents are already seeking out the brand which launches this long weekend.

Kits Beach Beer merchandise, including hats, t-shirts, tote bags, beach blankets and biodegradable sunglasses, will be available for sale on the website as well as at Kits Beach Coffee. “We want to build a brand that represents Kits and all the reasons we love living here,” says Boileau. The brand plans to introduce a new commemorative design every year.

Kits Beach Beach Beer

“This year we collaborated with local Kits’ artist Mo Sherwood (@mosherwood), on a beach inspired Summer 2021 poster that will be featured on our t-shirts.”

For now, Kits Beach Beer, which is self-funded by the three partners, is a side hustle, but Boileau, Lavigne and Barnaby are already looking at expanding the brand with a Kits Grapefruit Ale, two seasonal releases – Kits Summer Radler and Kits Winter, a dark Mexican lager, and Kits Ginger, a non-alcoholic, Caribbean-influenced ginger beer.

Kits Beach Beer retails for $14.95 for a four-pack of 473 ml cans (free delivery within Kits).

Kits Beach Beer can also be purchased or enjoyed at Kitsilano Liquor Store, Burrard Liquor store, the Regal Beagle Gastropub, Rocky Mountain Flatbread, TurF, The Ellis and Chewies Oyster Bar. For a complete list of availability, visit Kits Beach Beer online.

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