Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung’s most recent wireless earbud release is Galaxy Buds Live, featuring a very cool ‘bean’ design that aims to compliment your ear’s natural shape.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live-3
[What’s in the box]

Samsung has reconfigured the traditional earbud style with a stylish, minimalist look that offers vibrant, full sound and comfort. Included in the box is a fast-charging USB-C to USB-A cable, Galaxy Buds Live, charging case, large pair of wing tips and a quick start guide.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

The active-noise-cancelling (ANC) Galaxy Buds Live feature AKG sound innovation for a truly immersive audio experience, plus a 12mm speaker, three mics and a bass duct. You can choose to turn ANC on via the companion Galaxy Buds (iOS, Android) app or by touching and holding one of the earbuds.

The square USB-C charging case flips open to reveal the Buds Live that nestle nicely next to their L and R orientation icons. The Galaxy Buds Live will also charge on a Qi-compatible charging pad. You can get close an hour of play time with a five-minute charge in their case.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

If the fit isn’t right, Samsung also packs a pair of large wing tips to replace the standard, on-board small/medium ones.

Once the charging case is open, the buds automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode and a pop-up window appears on your Samsung mobile device. If this method should fail, you can also manually pair them by touching and holding both earbuds while wearing them.

Note that Apple users will need to manually connect via the app. Bluetooth will need to activate TWO profiles for iPhones: Galaxy Buds Live (5931) and Galaxy Buds Live (5931) LE. This was a first for me, needing to connect two Bluetooth profiles for one device. Once your iPhone recognizes the buds though, it will pair it and you’ll be good to go.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live-2

Buds Live provide up to 29 hours of total playback, the earbuds themselves lasting up to eight hours. The charging case adds another 21 hours, giving you a day and a half of battery life.

Once connected either with the provided USB-C cable or wireless, the front of the case shows charging status via a tiny red or green light. Depending on the flashing, the battery could either be charging; on low, moderate or high power; fully charged; or not charging due to abnormal temperatures.

With three mics and a Voice Pickup Unit, these earbuds focus on your voice and help ensure that you come through loud and clear while you talk on the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Galaxy Buds Live also offer a connected listening experience, compatible with a range of Galaxy (and non-Galaxy) devices (you can seamlessly switch between compatible devices without the need to disconnect and reconnect).

Speaking of Galaxy devices, you can also record crystal clear audio for your video using the Galaxy Note20 Series 5G with Galaxy Buds Live as a wireless microphone. You can also easily share music with friends — without compromising sound quality — using the new Buds Together feature.

For Android users, Galaxy Buds Live features Bixby voice wake-up for navigating music, opening apps and sending messages hands-free.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Galaxy Buds App Features

– Six equalizer presets: Normal, Bass boost, Soft, Dynamic, Clear, Treble boost
– Touch controls
– Find My Earbuds
– Software Updates
– Tips and user manual
– Experimental features (e.g. relieve pressure with ambient sound)

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Using the Earbuds

A single touch will play or pause a track, while a double touch plays the next track, answers or ends a call, places the current call on hold and answers the second call, and switches between current and held call.

A triple touch will play the previous track, and touch and hold declines a call as well as activates a preset feature (set to ANC by default).

The Fit

I wondered how these would insert into the ear and whether they’d stay in. Was it a matter of twisting them in one direction or the other once in? Honestly, it took me while to get them just right. And if you don’t have them inserted correctly, the sound quality will be poor.

You’re meant to insert them with the speaker (lower half) in the direction of the lower part of your ear. A built-in touch-sensitive sensor automatically detects when you’ve got them in your ears and emits a confirmation sound. I do like the way their shape really does mimic the human ear!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

They also obviously sound and feel different than other quality wireless earbud brands currently on the market. To date, I’ve reviewed Apple AirPods, Jabra Elite 85t and Belkin SOUNDFORM; if you’re interested in reading up on those, I’ve included them below this feature.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Available in Mystic Bronze, Mystic White and Mystic Black at, Samsung Experience Stores and at major retailers, Galaxy Buds Live sell for CAD $249.99/USD $199.99.

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