Caremongers of Vancouver

This morning, I was invited via a friend to join a new Facebook group: Caremongers of Vancouver. While I did break away from Facebook (business account) earlier this year for reasons outlined below in our related article section, I did keep a personal account for occasional follow-ups on some of my far-away friends and high school buddies.

Today, however, I am glad to have held onto that personal account, as thousands of Canadians are growing closer via these community-minded online support groups.


While many of us are doing OK, and stocked up on essentials (don’t get me started on the toilet-paper hoarding trend), some are growing anxious, have immune-compromised issues (hand raised here) and are in self-quarantine due to travels or having had potential contact with those infected by the virus.

Caremongering aims to connect us during these dark days of uncertainty. If you’re on Facebook, search for Caremongers of Vancouver and consider joining a movement that can help us cope with ongoing news – both locally and globally.

Members here share personal stories of triumph, articles to brighten your day as well as ask questions of fellow members.

And as member Mark Finch posted, “this week, let’s all remember that social distancing works better outside, in the sun, smiling”. Hopefully wherever you are in the world, you can step outdoors and get a breath of fresh air.

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