The Cadillac logo…in ice

Cadillac Canada is searching for the next daring Canadian moment in innovation. Find 151 is a project they’ve set up to challenge people to create a winning idea. If chosen, the idea will be brought to life via a $25,000 contribution from Cadillac, together with a mentorship from a leader in the field.

In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, they’ve also created 150 Daring Moments, a webpage showcasing 150 amazing moments in our history that have driven the world forward, working with daring artists, designers and inventors across Canada.

150 Daring Moments

Daring Moment 1: Canada’s birth, July 1, 1867, the founding of the federal Dominion of Canada.

Daring Moment 2 is represented by a Quebec man who built Canada’s first automobile that same year.

And if you scroll up the page from those first moments in Canadian history, you’ll land at #79, On a Roll, honouring Vancouver’s own Tojo Hidekazu, creator of the Tojo-maki-roll, which inspired what we all know and love today as the California roll.

Baked Canadian sablefish with Tojo’s secret marinade
[Baked Canadian sablefish with Tojo’s secret marinade]

The story goes that back in the 1970’s, some of his customers were hesitant to try sushi with seaweed visible on the outside, so he decided to make it with rice on the outside—and the rest is history.

Tojo making culinary magic

Have a look through the site, as the collection is a great and varied retrospective at what makes Canada the unique country it is today!

Tojo prepping the Dare Greatly Roll
[Tojo prepping the Dare Greatly Roll]

I was one of the lucky invited media guests to enjoy sushi, sashimi and other culinary delights at Tojo’s this week. Here’s some highlights of our evening hosted by Cadillac Canada.

Daring Moment 79 special roll, center
[In center: Tojo’s Dare Greatly Roll]

The Cadillac logo…in sushi
[The Cadillac logo…in sushi]

Tuna sashimi with special sesame & wasabi sauce
[Tuna sashimi with special sesame & wasabi sauce]

Daring Moment 79-Cadillac-7

HAPPY 150TH BIRTHDAY, Canada! We stand on guard for thee.

Non-watermarked image courtesy of Cadillac Canada.

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