Global warming and climate change are growing topics of concern. Over the years I have been making steady changes in my beauty routine towards brands that have sustainability and simplicity as a main focus.

I was pleased to discover BYOMA, a brand that offers a full suite of products which pledge to reduce, refill and reuse while being accessible, affordable and approachable. The entire line is dermatologist tested and approved, non-comedogenic, alcohol and fragrance-free, vegan and cruelty free.

Founder Marc Elrick developed BYOMA in 2020 during the seemingly endless months of COVID lockdown. High quality, effective ingredients are encased in 100% recyclable monomaterial plastic containers, with no shrink wrap or extra packaging. Last week, I started a new nightly routine with four products from their line-up.

[Melting Balm Cleanser]

I have never used a balm to cleanse before and was quite surprised at the luxurious sensation of BYOMA’s Melting Balm Cleanser.

As I massaged the buttery concoction into my skin it felt oily during application but rinsed clean and left my skin velvety soft.

Byoma Melting Balm Cleanser

Ceramides and skin-identical lipids are combined with olive fruit, sea buckthorn and grape-seed oils in a lightweight formulation that hydrates and strengthens the skin barrier. I especially love that the balm is safe to use around the eyes as an all-in-one makeup remover. Lightly scented, this product contains several skin-conditioning oils, and should be used up as soon as possible to avoid going rancid. 60g; CAD $19.99


After a thorough cleanse I use toner to remove the last stubborn remnants of dirt. The instructions on BYOMA’s Brightening Toner suggest to apply a few drops with the fingers but I found that method to be awkward and prefer using cotton balls instead. Lactic acid brightens, smooths and firms the skin barrier but can be harsh.

This toner tempers lactic acid with the exfoliating and anti-bacterial properties of mandelic acid, plus urea and birch extracts to control oiliness and gently improve skin texture and tone. I was not expecting miracles after only one week but am loving how comfortable my skin feels with all the power-packed ingredients. 150ml; CAD $21.99


BYOMA’s De-Puff + Brighten Eye Gel has become one of my cannot-live-without products. This hybrid gel-serum feels lightweight and amazingly cool upon application. The gel is absorbed quickly and half a pump is more than enough to cover both eyes, under eyes and upper lids. Tri-Ceramide Complex, Triple Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Viola Flower Extract work in unison to hydrate and brighten multiple layers of the dermis, reducing inflammation, puffiness and dark circles.

At under $20, this powerhouse workhorse is more effective than some pricier creams I’ve owned. 20ml; CAD $18.99


I have a love/hate relationship with facial oils because I have combination skin. While the dry sections slurp them up, the T-zone always look like a glazed donut. BYOMA’s Hydrating Recovery Oil promises to be ultra-lightweight although it features squalane plus a whopping nine antioxidant-rich botanical oils!

The instructions suggest to use six to eight drops, but I found two to three was adequate. After massaging well, my face still felt tacky so this oil needs time to be absorbed. Don’t roll into bed right away or most of the oil will wind up on your pillowcase! The extra patience was worth it because my skin feels plumper, protected and illuminated after only one week. Even the T-zone has balanced out. 30ml; CAD $24.99


In Canada, BYOMA is available exclusively at Shopper’s Drug Mart. With all products priced at under $25, this line is an affordable rival to the popular The Ordinary brand. BYOMA has yet to come out with refill options but when that happens, their focus on sustainability will encourage me to choose this brand over others.

Photos by Cora Li.

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