Bluelounge CableDrop Mini

Ever have that one cable that keeps dropping over the side of your desk and onto the floor, and then (if you’re like me) have to struggle to reach from under the desk to get it back to where it belongs?

Bluelounge CableDrop

Got a tangled heap of cables lying around on the desk that could use some managing?

Enter Bluelounge, a dual American/Indonesian-based company that makes CableDrops in regular (ideal for Thunderbolt and Apple 30-pin connectors) or mini (for micro USB and Apple Lightning connectors) sizes that stick right onto most any surface for clipping cables into.

This award-winning brand strategy/graphic design studio was started in 1999 by two designers: Melissa Sunjaya and Dominic Symons. In 2005, Bluelounge began designing products and has since expanded to become an international manufacturing enterprise, creating cool tech products with good looks and functionality in mind.

With headquarters in Singapore, Bluelounge also has two R&D divisions in Jakarta, Indonesia and in Pasadena, California. Their products are available in 46 countries worldwide.

Bluelounge CableDrops

I discovered the great little cable savers at CES back in January and thought how useful they’d be around our office, keeping cables from dropping behind desks and stowing our favourite in-ear buds for online video viewing.

Bluelounge CableDrop

As the TPU adhesive is meant to be permanent, it’s advisable to stick them onto the chosen surface with a light touch before committing to where you’d like them to go as the stickiness will become permanent over time.

Bluelounge CableDrop Minis

Available in black and white in the mini version, and in bright colours and muted tones in the regular size, CableDrop is a handy way to organize cables! Not only that, they can also stow toothbrushes, business cards, pens and regular electric cords.

[Photo courtesy of Bluelounge]


CableDrop: 1.15” (29 mm) X 0.6” (15.2 mm)
CableDrop Mini: 0.8” (20 mm) X 0.375” (9.53 mm)

CableDrop comes in a pack of six Regular or nine Minis and retails for US $9.95.

I received the CableDrop in regular and in mini for the purpose of this review.

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