BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara

After years of amassing loyal fans worldwide, Benefit Cosmetics has set its sights on outer space with the massive launch (literally) of its new BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara.

For its global reveal earlier this month, pink astronauts were dropped off in fashion hotspots such as London and New York during Benefit’s biggest-ever mascara campaign.

My barely-there eyelashes fluttered happily to learn that Benefit would send a tube of this much-hyped product along with the pearlized version of their trusty POREfessional Primer. The following events took place over 36 hours.


BADgal BANG! Mascara

36 hours was the smudge-proof, budge-proof, weightless wear promise touted by new BADgal BANG! Mascara. The space theme is attributed to ‘aero-particles’, a technology first developed for use by NASA.

One of the lightest known substances on earth, aero-particles are being leveraged as a sort of non-traditional volumizing powder, making BADgal BANG! buildable yet nearly weightless.

Having already cornered the market for a lengthening mascara (They’re Real) and a curling mascara (Roller Lash), Benefit’s volumizing mascara rounds out the trifecta.


The packaging is black and bold. I love the feel of the studded rubberized cap which offers a lot of control over the flexible, tapered tip.

300 spiky rubber bristles encircle the wand, creating more surface area to deliver the glossy, slick formula. I like the liquid consistency as it transfers easily onto my short lashes.

I’d previously tried Benefit’s BADgal Lash (top) and it didn’t work for me at all. The brush was too big for my almond Asian eyes and the formula too dry to layer.


BANG! looks like the lovechild of their cult-favourite They’re Real and BADgal Waterproof, combining similar features. It contains a blend of soft wax for flexibility and curl, hard wax for structure and definition, polymers for water resistancy and ProVitamin B5 for lash conditioning and thickening.

A departure from both previous mascaras is the ultra flexible wand. It worked wonders on my short top lashes but the tip was still too thick to get at my lower lashes.

The half-cone bristles distribute a lot of product so only a couple of coats are necessary for lush, full lashes. Additional layers start to clump like spider silk.


Now – back to the 36 hour promise. Whoever needs to wear mascara for that long must either be starring in a James Bond film or partying straight through New Year’s Eve.

The first day I wore BANG! I was over the moon! My lashes were defined, long and luscious. This mascara has since rocketed to the front of my makeup cabinet. The eye-to-eye comparison is proof.


The second day, I went to a fitness class and – just like that – I landed back on earth. Even though the workout was not strenuous the mascara started to flake, smudge and spider a bit.


I surmised that, besides James Bond, an astronaut might feasibly go 36 hours without a face washing and BANG! would probably last in controlled environment such as outer space.

Overall, Benefit’s BADgal BANG! fulfills most of its astronomical promises. Its unique features are unlike any other mascara currently available. CAD $32

Benefit Cosmetics ThePorefessional

POREfessional Pearl Primer

The original POREfessional Primer is a staple in the makeup drawers of many Benefit fans, its complexion blurring effects similar to an Instagram filter. However, some users find the matte finish to be dull and flat.


This is where the POREfessional Pearl Primer is supposed to fill the gap. It’s infused with a touch of pink radiance while maintaining the same mattifying and pore minimizing powers, thanks to a dimethicone base.


This one product does a double-duty mash-up of the original POREfessional Primer and the Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter. The primer smells fresh and light but unfortunately, the tint and texture didn’t seem to agree with my complexion.


The primer seemed clumpy and failed to ‘melt’ into my skin. After some vigorous blending, the finished effect was not very noticeable and the pinky undertone looked unnatural rather than dewy.


Although the primer had good holding power for makeup, the formula was not hydrating enough for my dermis. Parts of my face felt patchy and parched at the end of the day.


Like many products from the Benefit line, POREfessional Pearl Primer is available in a mini size to test if the product is right for you. CAD $42

Benefit Cosmetics ThePorefessional

For all the good gals and BADgals, you can check out Benefit’s full cosmetic offerings online or at your local Sephora store.

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