Bellabeat Leaf Urban

Bellabeat Leaf Urban is a pretty piece of smart jewellery that will track your lifestyle, including activity, sleep, reproductive health and stress via a stunning, geometric clip design that comes in silver and rose gold.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban

I received the Leaf Urban Silver Edition tracker plus an extra Impulse Clip in rose gold — the best of both worlds. This way I can easily change up my look between the two metals to work with my wardrobe.

Bellabeat Urban Leaf

Both clips are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel (copper-free) to make it skin-friendly, even if you have sensitive skin.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban-3

A nickel-release test has ensured that the stainless steel used won’t release anything harmful to your skin.

It also comes with two adjustable double-wrap bracelets: Violet Ice silicone with geometric shapes carved into it and deep brown leather with rose gold hardware.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban-2

If you want to wear the Leaf around your neck, they’ve also included both silver and rose gold necklaces in the bundle. A third way to accessorize the Leaf is by clipping it to your dress, jacket or shirt.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban-2

Bellabeat’s Leaf Urban is crafted with an eco-friendly wood composite giving it a stone-like vibe. It weighs 18 grams (0.635 ounces) and is splash- and sweat-proof with a resistance rating of IPX6. This means short immersions in water only (not suited for diving or swimming).

Bellabeat Leaf screen shot Bellabeat Leaf screen shot

Once you’ve unpacked the Leaf and selected a bracelet, it’s time to download the Bellabeat app (iOS, Android). Here’s where all your stats are recorded based on wearing your Leaf.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban-2


Controlled breathing and meditation are great ways of coping with stress; the Leaf includes 20 exercises for both right in the app via the Meditation ribbon on the home screen. Mindful music can be played to relax your body, mind and soul.

Bellabeat Leaf screen shot Bellabeat Leaf screen shot

Coloured wave patterns sync with your body’s own movements, so the calmer you remain, the quieter the wave pattern becomes. You can even set a daily meditation goal.


Pick from a large list of activities to record and track your fitness progress. The app will keep you on top of how far you’ve got to achieve that day’s goals, whether it’s a power walk, yoga class, jog or bike ride.

Bellabeat Leaf screen shot

To give you an idea just how varied that list is, Bellabeat included Bikram Yoga, Cleaning, Cooking, Dancing, Elliptical Trainer, Horseback Riding, Massaging, Netball, Playing with Kids, Rock Climbing, Sex, Shopping, Squash, TRX and dozens more to tailor your workout overview.

Bellabeat Leaf screen shot Bellabeat Leaf Urban


Leaf’s accurate sensors measure all your step-based movements (running, walking) as well as smaller movements you make while asleep, helping you discover how long and well you’ve slept. The app provides a seven-day overview of your average sleep duration.

By clicking on the Add Sleep button, the app lets you select bed time and wake-up hours.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban

How active you’ve been vs. how many steps taken plus how much sleep you’ve gotten play a key role in calculating your stress levels. Leaf has a reproductive health feature to track your menstruation, so women looking at their fertile cycle can also gauge their stress levels over the course of time.

To sync to the app, tap twice on top of the Leaf while the app is open.

Bellabeat Leaf screen shot Bellabeat Leaf screen shot


Hydration is always a key benefit of staying healthy. The app tracks your cumulative water consumption via 8 oz. and 16 oz. glasses. Just click on the appropriate size icon and the app places a vertical bar above the time of day you drank it.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban-4

A cool feature of Bellabeat’s Leaf is the option of pairing more than one tracker to your account, so you can pair them with your wardrobe.

Instead of having to charge the Leaf via a micro USB cable, the package includes a battery replacement tool used to unscrew the back of the Leaf when ready for replacing.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban-5

Leaf runs on a CR2032 coin cell battery, meant to last an average of six months.

Bellabeat Urban Leaf

Bellabeat’s Impulse Bundle retails for USD $189, comes with a one-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee and can be ordered online. Free shipping is included.

And if you’re just looking for a silver or rose gold Leaf, visit Bellabeat’s online shop for the entire collection.

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