Belkin ScreenForce

We can personally vouch for Belkin’s word that their ultra-slim Screen Force UltraGlass Screen Protector does the job.

Last month, I accidentally dropped my phone from the car door opening to the hard concrete of the parking lot. It wasn’t much more than half a metre from my car seat to the ground, but when I went to pick up the phone, the entire shield had shattered. In shock, I gently lifted the shield to see the damage done.

Turns out the shield itself was shattered; my phone was untouched by the drop!

Belkin Screen Force iPhone 14

Imagine winter days of putting gloves on, rushing to the stores ahead of the holidays and busy days in general commuting around town or on travels, and you might begin to appreciate having an added layer of protection between your hands and your smart phone investment.

Belkin Screen Force iPhone 14-2

Belkin’s slim, ultra-tough anti-microbial screen protector fits the subtle curve of your phone, offering edge-to-edge protection while protecting against microbial growth. The package ships with a handy alignment tray and a link to a short video that shows how to install it, so you’ll get a precision fit every time.

Belkin Screen Force iPhone 14-3
[ScreenForce on an iPhone 14]

And speaking of precision, the German-engineered glass alloy allows for precision touch sensitivity while using your phone. We’ve used many of these screens over generations of iPhones, and have never had any issues accessing any of our apps or texting with the protector on the phone’s surface.

Belkin Screen Force iPhone SE
[Screen Force for iPhone SE]

Belkin’s got a Screen Force Protector to fit most current iPhone and Samsung smart phones. Pricing for the various models range from USD $29.99 to $44.99 (for iPhone 14, $39.99) and are available at Belkin online and at larger tech retail stores across North America.

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