Monsoon Pro Tour bags

Axiom’s always been known for its solid range of bike panniers and accessories, as our six year old red Monsoons can attest to.

I wanted to see how Axiom had improved the Monsoon over the years, and with Vancouver Bike to Work Week nearly here, I thought this would make a great time to review their current Monsoon Pro Tour bags.

Axiom Monsoon Pro Tour

The set I was sent for review, the Monsoon Pro Tour, is the second to largest of the Monsoon series.

Axiom Monsoon Pro Tour

What I noticed first about this updated version is the lighter waterproof nylon material used, making each bag weigh in at a mere 1.5 lbs. The bags are very easy to clip onto a standard bike rack and a secure flip lock system designed by RIXEN & KAUL works as an extra measure to secure the bags.

RIXEN & KAUL flip lock system
[RIXEN & KAUL flip lock system]

Axiom Monsoon Pro Tour
[RIXEN & KAUL flip lock engaged]

Axiom Monsoon Pro Tour

Although the bags can be used either as front or rear panniers, I put them to the test on my rear rack, loading the bags with a backpack, jacket, spare water bottle, iPad — anything and everything that I’d want to take with me on both day trips and around town.

Axiom Monsoon Pro Tour

German-designed RIXEN & KAUL VARIO adjustable hooks will fit 6-20 mm bike racks. On a side note, RIXEN & KAUL is a leading European producer of bike bags.

Axiom Monsoon Pro Tour

I attached the padded shoulder strap and tucked it right into the bag before clipping it onto the rack. Works like a charm, easily becoming a large carry-all at the market or wherever you need to take it.

Axiom Monsoon Pro Tour
[Bags shown on bike rack without shoulder strap attached]

Axiom Monsoon Pro Tour
[Securing the bag’s roll-down closure; an Axiom feature that’s been around for years]

I also noticed that the corners now feature plastic guards against wear and tear on the road. There’s also a handy zippered pocket on the exterior of each pannier to hold tissues, keys, gloves, etc.

Axiom Monsoon Pro Tour

Each bag measures 20.47″ x 11.23″ x 6″ (52 x 28 x 15 cm) and between the two can haul 45 litres total. Standard 4-way reflective logos by 3M help to be seen at night.

Axiom Monsoon Pro Tour

The adjustable tie-down bungee cords can be shortened as needed and are easy to replace should they wear out after years of use.

Axiom Monsoon Pro Tour

The Monsoon Pro Tour comes with an extra hook in case one of the original hooks gets damaged, however Axiom bags have a lifetime warranty against standard fabrication and craftsmanship.

Key Features

– Lightweight, perfect size for city touring and shopping
– Easy to adjust, put on, and remove
– Waterproof
– Reflective logos on sides
– Easy to clip on and off padded shoulder strap

Axiom Monsoon Pro Tour

The Monsoon Pro Tour retails for CAD $179.99.

I was sent the Monsoon Pro Tour for review. Opinions, as always, are my own. Top photo courtesy of Axiom. All others © 2017 Ariane Colenbrander.

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