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A talented treasure lives in Vancouver, one that blooms wonderful creations unique in style, color, and focus.

Artist Ieva Baklane has called Vancouver home since 2002. Born into a family of artists in Latvia, Ieva’s classic training started when she was 12 years old at Janis Rozental’s High School of Art. She was 18 when her paintings first exhibited in Eastern Europe. In 2001, she received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Art Academy of Latvia.

She brought with her to Canada an original perspective vividly expressed with line and colors. Ieva’s breathtaking art has been exhibited in several galleries in Europe as well as in Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver.

Ms. Baklane’s work includes the abstract and realism. Her style reflects her classical training in realism and captures viewers in color schemes combined with the sun, while her exacting structure and line hints of her hidden architect. This unique combination provides a comfortable seat from which to enjoy her sun-warmed, brilliant vistas. Ieva’s work is inspired by light-bright countries such as Italy, Spain, Mexico, and the USA, particularly California and Florida. Her more abstract works offer the observer a wonderful puzzle of colors and geometric shapes with a depth reminiscent of three-dimensional art.

Sunday afternoon
[Ieva Baklane’s Sunday Afternoon; copyright © Ieva Baklane]

Ieva Baklane’s paintings include a wide variety of subject matter. “Path in the Lighthouse Park” displays her bold strokes creating cool, inviting shadows on a arbor-covered path. “Santa Cruz Surfer’s House” contains a geometric design with a collection of colors standing over an ocean. “Spring” is set in the foothills of a worn mountain range, including a clear, cold mountain lake. “Star and Snowflakes” collects lines, colors, and shapes that evokes a feeling of being suspended in air with the subjects. “Postcard from Cali” projects the eye through a myriad of beautiful colors on planes of walls and shelves to a window looking out on the glass-smooth ocean with the tropical blue sky overhead. 

Private collections of Ms. Baklane’s paintings can be found around the globe, including Vancouver, Latvia, Germany, Sweden, Italy, U.K., and France. More collections can be found in Russian, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and the USA.

Ieva Baklane’s complete portfolio can be viewed online; her paintings are sold via Saatchi Online. Type “Baklane” into the search box for “art” to view Ieva’s lovely creations. Clicking on an individual piece will bring up a larger version, along with title, medium, price, and canvas size.

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