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Apple Music just launched City Charts, becoming one of the first streaming platforms to spotlight the music making waves in over 100 cities around the world. While standard charts rank music based on number of plays, Apple Music’s City Charts combine plays and additional signs of local popularity to rank the top 25 songs gaining momentum with listeners locally.

Updated daily, City Charts are featured in Apple Music’s Charts page, accessible via the Browse or Search pages, or via asking Siri to play a local city chart – for Lagos’ chart, simply say “Hey Siri, play the Top 25: Lagos.” Users can also add their favorite City Charts to their library, download them, and share them with friends.

Apple Music’s Daily Top 100 charts have become one of the most streamed playlists categories on platform since launch, with more than 4,000 songs from over 2,200 artists across 130+ genres reaching No. 1 on one or more of these.

Apple Music’s City Charts are available to all Apple Music subscribers. Non-subscribers can view City Charts and preview songs here.

Supported platforms include iOS, iPadOS, macOS. tvOS, CarPlay, Apple Watch, Web, PC, Android phones, tablets, Android Auto and select smart TVs.

Top 25: Calgary, Canada
Top 25: Edmonton, Canada
Top 25: Montréal, Canada
Top 25: Ottawa, Canada
Top 25: Québec City, Canada
Top 25: Toronto, Canada
Top 25: Vancouver, Canada
Top 25: Winnipeg, Canada
Top 25: Atlanta, United States
Top 25: Austin , United States
Top 25: Chicago, United States
Top 25: Dallas, United States
Top 25: Denver, United States
Top 25: Detroit, United States
Top 25: Honolulu, United States
Top 25: Houston, United States
Top 25: Los Angeles, United States
Top 25: Miami , United States
Top 25: Nashville, United States
Top 25: New York City, United States
Top 25: Philadelphia, United States
Top 25: Phoenix, United States
Top 25: San Diego, United States
Top 25: San Francisco, United States
Top 25: Seattle, United States
Top 25: Washington, D.C., United States
Top 25: San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States

Top 25: Accra, Ghana
Top 25: Nairobi, Kenya
Top 25: Lagos, Nigeria
Top 25: Cape Town, South Africa
Top 25: Durban, South Africa
Top 25: Johannesburg, South Africa

Top 25: Brisbane, Australia
Top 25: Melbourne, Australia
Top 25: Sydney, Australia
Top 25: Guangzhou, China
Top 25: Shanghai, China
Top 25: Bengaluru, India
Top 25: Delhi, India
Top 25: Jakarta, Indonesia
Top 25: Fukuoka, Japan
Top 25: Nagoya, Japan
Top 25: Osaka, Japan
Top 25: Sapporo, Japan
Top 25: Sendai, Japan
Top 25: Tokyo, Japan
Top 25: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Top 25: Auckland, New Zealand
Top 25: Manila, Philippines
Top 25: Busan, South Korea
Top 25: Seoul, South Korea
Top 25: Taipei, Taiwan
Top 25: Bangkok, Thailand

Top 25: Vienna, Austria
Top 25: Prague, Czech Republic
Top 25: Copenhagen, Denmark
Top 25: Lyon, France
Top 25: Marseille, France
Top 25: Paris, France
Top 25: Bordeaux, France
Top 25: Berlin, Germany
Top 25: Frankfurt, Germany
Top 25: Hamburg, Germany
Top 25: Cologne, Germany
Top 25: Munich, Germany
Top 25: Budapest, Hungary
Top 25: Dublin, Ireland
Top 25: Milan, Italy
Top 25: Naples, Italy
Top 25: Rome, Italy
Top 25: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Top 25: Warsaw, Poland
Top 25: Moscow, Russia
Top 25: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Top 25: Barcelona, Spain
Top 25: Madrid, Spain
Top 25: Zürich , Switzerland
Top 25: Kiev, Ukraine
Top 25: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Top 25: Glasgow, United Kingdom
Top 25: Liverpool, United Kingdom
Top 25: London, United Kingdom
Top 25: Manchester, United Kingdom

Top 25: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Top 25: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Top 25: São Paulo, Brazil
Top 25: Santiago, Chile
Top 25: Bogotá, Colombia
Top 25: Medellin, Colombia
Top 25: San José, Costa Rica
Top 25: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Top 25: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Top 25: Guadalajara, Mexico
Top 25: Mexico City, Mexico
Top 25: Monterrey, Mexico
Top 25: Lima, Peru

Top 25: Tel Aviv, Israel
Top 25: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Top 25: Istanbul, Turkey
Top 25: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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